Universities should give the same amount of money to sport activities and library

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Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sport activities as they give to their libraries.

In our life, universities play a very important role in producing the productive people such as devoted doctors, or charismatic leaders. By the same token, the decisions universities make to render assistance to their students are always cared about seriously and deeply. A statement is made that universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sport activities as they give to their libraries. In my opinion, I totally agree with this statement because sport activities are really essential for students and have more benefits than libraries do.

One reason why universities should do that is that sport activities are really necessary to students. We all know that students really need to take an active part in sport activities so that they can get good health to study effectively. When universities spend much money on these sport activities they will have great and fantastic prizes and the recreational facilities will be made more modern and equipped with advanced appliances. As a result, students will revel in these activities and then, they will not only get good health but also make friends with many other students and render relationships with other students strong and stable.

Another reason why sport activities need the same investment as libraries need at universities is that their benefits outweigh the libraries’. The sport activities will help students have soft skills standing students in good stead for their future jobs. Some of these activities such as big games require close teamwork between students and their time management skills. In addition, universities will also receive many benefits from the sport activities. They make fantastic players who can totally help the universities compete well with others in the field of sports and win many prizes for their universities.

In summary, I am absolutely in favor of the statement that universities should invest the same amount of money in their students’ sport activities as they invest in their libraries. Students really need these sport activities for their study and life and the advantages they bring are more than libraries do. What is important is that universities should care for not only sport activities but also education in order to help our societies develop more and more prosperously.

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Hi, I think your essay is very good. It has a good structure and is clear and convincing. You have some word choices that can be improved and you really need to find some alternatives for really ;). Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

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