Unified Communications Revolution?

What do you think of Bill Gates’ idea of a Unified Communications Revolution? How many different communication channels do you use on a daily basis? Which means of electronic communication do you prefer? As for me, I use my cell phone to send text messages and to be available when I travel. I usually keep the incoming call alert off because I don’t like answering phone calls on my mobile phone. I monitor calls and decide when to call back when somebody has called me.

To me, english-test.net has become the central hub of communication. For example, Ralf is working with me as an English language trainer. Right now is teaching English to a group of 10 German professsionals. Later tonight Ralf will post an update on his day and if another trainer wants to take over they get an overview of the current situation instantly.

So, please share your thoughts on this.

TOEIC short conversations: Giving directions to a co-worker who is on her way to a factory[YSaerTTEW443543]