Unfilmable novel


(Amy, it’s not about the English Grammar, it’s not an Idiom now it’s about Vocabulary… :slight_smile:
Today is just my rebellious day. 8) Black sabbath :))

Well, unflmable is an example of the word that does not exist (from the ‘dictionaries point of view’).

  • it’s in actual use. Even on BBC Radio (today’s case),
  • its meaning is quite clear, without any dictionary, for any adult person who has no serious mental problem :slight_smile:

unfilmable novel, for example. Clear, isn’t it?
Seems to have nothing bad in the meaning :slight_smile: and logically constructed.

  1. What is the English Teacher’s attitude about this? :slight_smile:

  2. How does this non-dictionary word sound to you?

Hi Tamara

Filmable is findable in dictionaries and adding un- sounds quite OK to me in this case. :wink:


Ah, yes.

Thank you, Amy. Even rebellious days are endable. :slight_smile:

(Hmm. MS Word does want to eat endable.
But, OK, let thefreedictionary win this little battle :))

Not unheard of in all dictionaries, apparently:


m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?b … unfilmable