Hello everyone,

What is the opposite word of ‘‘undo’’ here in this sentence?

undo your button of your coat.


‘Undo’ generally means ‘open’. In your sentence it means that you release the button from the button hole. We could also use ‘undo’ in the sense of undoing a knot in a piece of string. The opposite would be ‘do up’.

You would say: Undo the button on your coat.


Hello sir,

Can we say’‘button up of your shirt’'instead of ''fasten/do up the button on you coat?

Don’t include ‘of’.
‘Button up your shirt.’

Obviously a shirt is not a coat.

Obviously a shirt is not a coat.


Hello Beeenees. I didn’t understand this ‘‘Obviously a shirt is not a coat’’. Does it mean we cannot use ‘‘undo for shirt’s button’’.

‘‘Button up your shirt’’ in this sentence,Is button verb?

A shirt is not a coat. You cannot use ‘shirt’ if you mean ‘coat’ or vice versa.
However, they are both items of clothing. You can use ‘button up’ with either.

Oh yes Beeeneees,I understand the difference between them.

Thank you for replying.

Hi Beeeneees, I have just read someone’s comment on facebook.She liked a photo and wrote ‘’ it shoud be your ‘‘dp’’.what ''dp means?

I would guess at possibly ‘display picture’ but I have no interest in such sites.
I suggest you ask on Facebook.