Ukrainian soccer fans?

OK; since Alan and DM have uploaded some of their photos onto the forum, I thought I might start doing the same. Below you’ll see some happy Ukrainian soccer fans and guess what, that photo was taken before Spain beat Ukraine 4:0. I could have taken a photo of those fans after they returned from the stadium but I decided to spare you that sight ;-).

Sergey (the guy at the table above) told me that the Ukrainian team didn’t take that match against Spain very seriously. He said they were far too complacent and even their coach confirmed that the Ukrainians could have played much better had they tried harder.

Let’s see what happens in Hamburg on Monday…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten!

It looks like you have had a pleasent day with your friends, at least until the soccer match had been finished. I hope you could comfort your friends a little bit. I think you saw the match at a public place or have you been in the stadium even?

Be sure about my condolence! :wink: Next try will become better 8)


Hi Torsten
your pic very wonderful and you show up with your family.
of course i am from fan arabic teams. any way i say to you congratulations to win your team on our team (saudi )
and I’ll Give you this the gift

Dear DM,

Many thanks for being so fair and congratulating us on ‘our’ victory. We were in Hamburg to watch the game and afterwards there many fans from Saudia Arabia and most of them were very friendly. Some of them even walked up to us to congratulate us.

By the way, where did you take those photos? Were you or your friends in Hamburg too?


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