typing or writing?

Recently I realised one peculiar thing. My ability to produce a text in English depends on means that I use. Writing something using pen and paper and typing it on a keyboard seem to be completely different for me. And the former is much easier! I can sit for some hours staring in computer and hardly produce two strings of text. And while going back home in a bus I can compose an entire text in half an hour. It even doesn’t need serious redaction after all.

I wonder, why does it happen? Thoughts are the same and words are the same. Maybe it is kind of Pavlov’s association reflex? :smiley:

Is it something wrong with me? =) Does anybody feels like that? Is it equally easy for you to create a text while writing something manually or typing it?

Hi Alina,

What type of texts are you referring to? Do you mean essays, stories, articles, diary entries or just notes in English? How much time do you spend on the bus every day and how exactly do you write when riding the bus? As for me, I find it much easier to type a text on a computer than to write it long hand. First of all, I can type faster or at least as fast as I write. In addition, editing or correcting a text using the computer is easier too. Also, the computer allows me to exchange my ideas with people from around the world and I can store, organize and find information immediately.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi alien,

it’s odd because It works in the opposite way for me, I have to stare the screen to get inspirations. But i think it’s not that odd , people get their own way ( even the oddest way ) to get their inspirations.

Hi Alien,

I don’t find anything wrong with you. :smiley: It’s fine. Well, I mean, you are in good company. It’s just the way you do is different from me. I can type a very long text for 30 minutes but I can write just several lines using the same period of time. My bad! :cry: :lol:

Ranee is right. We different people find our own inspiration from different things. 8)

Thank you for your replies! Maybe I’ll find a way to adjust my inspiration to modern technologies :slight_smile:
At least I am glad that in TOEFL test they accept essays in written form :smiley:

Hi Alien,

How are you doing? Well, I find it much easier for me to type on my computer than to write with a pen on papers. :smiley: When I am typing I don’t need to think much… ideas just flow! :lol: But when I am writing something I just wonder holding my pen in my hand and can’t write more than a few lines. I just end up closing my note-book and putting my pen back in my pocket. But I would like to write in order to improve my hand-writing. It is so bad! :frowning: Well, my typing speed is very fast and so typing on my computer is very comfortable also.

If you want to improve your typing speed then download TypingMaster software for free and do your typing practice everyday. It’ll help you a lot. Let me give you the link to the website:


Download the software from there. You can add your own text or stories also and then do your typing practice.

Any ways, now I am feeling hungry so I am going to take my lunch. Talk to you soon again!

Have a nice day! :smiley:


I used to practice typing a lot online on sites like http://www.ratatype.com/ and must say I type almost as fast as I write. However, I didn’t stop and search now some techniques to make my typing faster than writing.