Typical Indian English?

Hi, would you classify the following text as ‘typical Indian English’?

Prodigy Apex Technologies providing software and Web Development Services for clients all over the world, Located in Chennai, India. Our wide range of IT services includes Software development, Web application development, Website designing, Custom website design, Web development, e-commerce online solutions, Internet marketing, Search engine optimization(SEO), Search engine marketing(SEM) and Pay per click(PPC).

Website designers have designed some of the “Web’s” most effective sites. Featured here are a few of the websites we have designed over the past few years.

Prodigy Apex is a Web Development Services Company offers web design, search engine optimization marketing and ecommerce development.

The following text is written in an interesting style as well:
According to Papex 1.0, we are rolling out certain company policies, terms & conditions. We have a list of items to be concluded in the policies & benefits. We will roll out the following policies in the up coming days.

  • Overall Company policy
  • Usage Policy
  • Appraisal Policy
  • Operations/Project Policy
  • Communication Policy
  • Entertainment Policy
  • Employee Policy
  • Quality Policy

We would like you all to take part in suggesting your views and ideas irrespective of any above policy it may be. The one who suggest the best idea will win a surprise gift. The last date to suggest your ideas is 11th Jan 2010.

Looking ahead to hear from you all.

Best Regards,
The Management[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hmm. It does have mistakes and odd turns of phrase, but not so that I would call it distinctively ‘Indian’. But then, I haven’t had much experience with Indian students (just the ones on the net).