'type of' vs 'kind of'?


Can ‘type of’ be used with the meaning ‘somewhat’ like ‘kind of’?

Thank you very much.

Yes, I think it can: a type of ≒ a kind of = a sort of.

No, it can’t. Haihao, I don’t think they are talking about what you have posted.

He is kind of an introvert. - This means he is similar to an introvert but does not fully satisfy the definition.

He is a kind of introvert. - He meets the criteria and belongs to a certain group of true introverts.

I think the original poster is referring to the former and you to the latter, Haihao.

He is kind of irritable. - He is somewhat irritable.

*He is type of irritable. - No meaning at all
*He is type of an introvert. - No meaning, but will be mistaken as a failed attempt to say “He is a type (or belongs to a specific category) of introvert.”

“Type of” and “kind of” mean the same thing only when “kind of” means “category of.” “Type of” does not share the “somewhat” use.

Ah, I see. It was a “kinda”! Thank you, Mordant, for the correction.

‘kinda’ does not exist in standard English though.

I’m sure our friend knows that!


I’m pretty sure of that too. Others who read the comment might not realise it though.