two banks of four

It’s been Euro… What would you make out of the “two banks of four”? The net is mute.
Thank you.

“…we really couldn’t have expected anything other than a pragmatic approach. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but if the Three Lions want to make anything of the next three weeks, then sitting back with two banks of four is probably the best way forward.”

It means two rows of players, with four players in each row (4-4-2 formation I suppose, though I am not a great football expert).

Thank you, Dozy.
Could’ve never guessed what was on the author’s mind as the closest in meaning I managed to dig up on ‘bank’ was:

  1. A set of similar or matched things arranged in a row, especially:
    a. A set of elevators.
    b. A row of keys on a keyboard.
  2. Nautical
    a. A bench for rowers in a galley.
    b. A row of oars in a galley.