TV: could you be without it? Discuss.


i wrote another essay a ielts general training. Would you mind to take a look and give me some adivce on what to improve?

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TV: could you be without it? Discuss.

In today’s world TVs are everywhere. Not only each single household has at least one TV but also an increasing amount of restaurants, shops as well as public places have TVs installed. Do we really need TVs everywhere or could we actually live without them?

Modern TV sets are more than just a electronical device to recieve news and watch a movie. They are actually a sofisticated multimedia device to entertain us throughout the entire day, with a large variety of programs and sometimes unbelievable features. Beside the factor of entertainment all TVs, not matter how older or new they are, have one other thing in common, making the time pass by faster. Which can be quiet convenient from time to time.

The incredible amount of programs available today is not always an advantages. More and more content that gets produced follows a quantity over quality policy. These so called “low quality content” is quiet often not worth watching it. It might be entertaining from time to time but overall it leaves you with a bad feeling behind that you have just wasted a couple of hours watching something that isn’t even worth watching it.

In conclussion, watching TV can be entertaining even educating if the program is choosen carefully. But, it also can let you behind with the feeling that you just wasted your time. Personally speaking, i could be without it because there are a lot of other possibilities available to make the time go by faster as well as getting entertained.

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Hi, I thought your essay was pretty good. It was easy to read and very understandable. You do have some grammatical errors though and some repetitive phrases. You also have quite a few spelling errors. Overall, I would rate this a band 6.