Try now: Language conversation partner

Hi :hugs:

We are working on a language learning partner that is powered by AI and talks in natural English. Our goal is basically two fold:

  • To provide a safe space where you can practice conversational English as much as you want and without being judged
  • And to help you real English, in real human-like conversation without any predetermined text or flow
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So you’ve registered here to promote your app for free, or is there another way you can add value to our community?

I’m not charging for anything. I think providing the community with a means of practicing English is good contribution. Don’t you think so ?

Two echanges into my conversation with Sally she says the following: Thanks for your understadning. So tell me about your plans now that you are single? So, apparently you still need to work on your algorithm :wink:

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Hi Torsten :hugs:
Thanks for trying it out. As we mentioned in the disclaimer, it’s an “early” demo and thus it will have errors. While we are working on the algorithms, would you be interested to be part of our beta tester team? Inputs from people like you is what we need to tune our artificial intelligence engine


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Sure, you have been building your app with the Anvil platform, right?

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Yes, we are using Anvil for quick demonstrations so we can focus on the AI persona development.

The final platform will be outside Anvil, and with 3D avatars in human form on the screen to talk to. I would love to also hear your feedback on seeing a living figure that talks versus just hearing a voice (in terms of the stress or distraction).

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Interesting. What data do you use to train your model?