Try new things and take risks

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Topic: Some people like to do only what they already do well. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

In the world today, different people have different personalities in that there are those that seek new challenges and those who prefer security. Some people enjoy trying new things and taking risks while other people are more comfortable with sticking to what they know for the sake of feeling secure. Personally, I prefer trying new things and taking risks because by doing so, I am able to make beneficial changes in my life, and something new usually makes life more interesting.

First and foremost, trying new things enables me to make beneficial changes in my life. If we look around at our world, we can readily see developments and innovations that sprang from someone’s desire to try something new. If we did not have the drive to try new things, we would live as if we are stuck in time. Take transportation for example. If people had been content with walking or riding horses, they would have never developed the various modes of convenient transportation such as subways, cars, and airplanes. By having the desire and willingness to try something new in spite of the risks involved, people have been able to make improvements in the way that they live, work and play.

In the second place, the best way of being good at creating things is to be curious. Indeed, I believe that without this characteristic, projects cannot work well. We live in an innovative world so creativity works with curiosity. I consider myself as a curious person and it often helped me in my life because I could learn new things by being curious. Moreover, trying new things is also a way of not getting bored. I knew a friend who always worked in what he was already doing well and I think in some extant he was bored because his work was not exciting anymore. I am alight with the idea of trying new things.

On the other hand, people who hold an opposite view consider that sticking to usual habits is the better way to life. They point out that the longer you keep the same habits, the more adaptive you are and you may live comfortably. They firmly point out that usual changes make you acquaint with nothing, and then it is impossible for you to have a happy life. In order to see this point clearly, they give us g good example: If you change your environment every month, you have to always change your habits and customs. Then how can you have a meaningful life?

To sum up briefly, I believe that we are in this world to create and transform things from its present state. While trying new things sharpens my creativity, it also teaches me qualities like hard work, perseverance, builds my risk appetite and above all keeps my mind active. I recommend promoting the culture of innovation so that we all can reap the rewards of technology development.


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