Trump is your new Chernobyl

Here is a modified tweet from God: “What is the cost of life? Between 100.000 and 200.000 Americans. Trump is your new Chernobyl”. I hope you will never forget that is blatant ignorance of scientific facts has costs hundreds of thousands of citizens their lives. And everyone single person still supporting this narcissistic deranged individual is to blame for the current crisis too.


Hi there,

Let’s just say I’m making a recurring appearance. Don’t ask, I’m well. What we don’t need is Trump, Johnson or Merkel, but what we certainly don’t need is someone worse… Think about who that may be. If you’re realistic enough, I’m sure you’ll figure it out, someday. So, again I agree, but I feel you’re a tiny bit out of your element here and I’m not having you on.
May a Flight of Angels of Your God Sing Thee to Thy Rest. Kind regards and try to sleep soundly.

Yours very truly,
Marc :thinking:

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Well, China is to blame for the Virus. If they didnt create it in a lab and release it in Wuhan, this would have never happened. So you can blame whoever you would like but in reality, China is the one who caused everything to happen.

How do you know that China created the virus? Are you a scientist?

Because it was announced and they said so themselves… are you stupid?

Du glaubst also dass hier punkten kannst, indem du versuchst mich zu beleidigen?

Also who the fuck are you to tell me who is responsible for a virus? You are a “english language coach”. You know 0 things except what the Media tells you and you choose to listen to a bunch of people who are experts at nothing but writing stories to fit the narrative for the company they work for. You might actually be stupid.

You think you can score points by speaking in German? Lmao Im fluent in it. Im telling you a straight fact, who are you to deny facts?

Und wer genau bist du? Ein kleiner widerlicher rechter Wurm.

Nein, ich bin der Typ, der dir eine Tatsache erzählt, und du ignorierst Tatsachen, um deinen eigenen idiotischen Gedanken zu glauben.

You are confusing your attempts at insulting me with “telling facts”. Apparently, you are living in your own universe of alternative facts made up by yourself.

Nope. China created the virus, their own scientists said so. I dont know where you get your information from, but you should probably do research before speaking about shit that you know less than 0 things about. Im not insulting you. If you take it as an insult refer to my name.

I’m glad to see you are making an attempt at learning my native language :wink:

How many Chinese scientists have you spoken to so far?

I know how to speak German, if I wanted to insult you, id say “Du hast eine kleinen Schwanz”

Buddy. How many have you spoken too? How would you know “God” said what you said he said in the prompt? Just look up, do your RESEARCH. Figure it out. Come on man, dont listen to the media, what the fuck do they know??? What are they experts in??? The only thing the media does is write stories to manipulate the viewers. I literally studied News Media as my major in college. Im telling you a fact and you choose to ignore it. Thats your fault. If you want to live in your own fantasy world and believe what the media tells you, be my guest. Mindlessly following what they tell you. Its actually quite disturbing that so many people dont “do their own research” on topics they have no clue about

So although you have a college degree you can’t even use the apostrophe correctly and confuse its with it’s? What exactly is your mission here?

How did you understand Chinese scientists? Do you speak Chinese?
And where did you read/hear them? In the media?