True vs real

Dear teachers,

Could you tell me the difference in meaning btw (a) and (b)

a.The true life
b.The real life.


Real implies something not imagined.True deals more with the facts that are known.
Was it real or was it a dream? Is the news true?
But in some cases both can be used to talk about what is actually the case when this is different from what appears to be the case.
Tell me the real(true) reason why he resighed.

Reference to Oxford Dictionary. :smiley:


As I understand, if someone has some ‘hidden’ (from other people around) part of his/her real life (that is perhaps even more important for him/her than his/her social role(s)), we can say about this
his true life.

So, in your case,

true life means…
real life means…


I am not sure, but in my view:

real life - (usually refers to) physical being + social roles perfomed in ‘material world’ (+ your own psychological feeling that you are still alive :slight_smile: )

true life - (can refers to) that ‘part’ of your being when (and where) you actually (subjectively!) feel you living it, in full