'trial' vs 'court hearing'?


What is the difference between a ‘trial’ and a ‘court hearing’? Is it that in a trial, it is already clearly known who is to blame and the purpose of a trial is to determine what kind of punishment they are to receive; while in a ‘court hearing’, the judge hasn’t known who is to blame?

By the way, should I say ‘open up a trial/court hearing’ or something?

Thank you very much.

According to this wikipedia entry, a hearing is shorter and less formal than a trial:


I am not an English teacher, but as a native speaker I have heard “open a trial” “start a trial” and “begin a trial”.

So the only difference is that a hearing is shorter and less formal?

As he says trial is longer and hearing is shorter -not bad answer because it is shorten
answer .

Generally cases are -criminal and civil procedure ,Ok ?

e.g. you complained against ‘X’ that he was the abettor of ‘y’ assaulting or abusing Mr. ‘M’ that complain could be criminal or civil procedure .

Now you filled (complained)that case in the police station (or court), Police would investigate that complaining if finds evidence then he would charged against the ‘x’ and ‘y’ for assaulting ‘M’ and submit this charge sheet in the court for ‘Trial’ or court search you whether you are guilty or not -this is a long process-this whole process is called ‘trial’.

This trial starting after submitting the charge sheet and the judge takes this case in his jurisdiction that is called ‘Charge frame’ -now whether it will be rejected -no such incident happened or assume ,yes -some evidences have .

This time your lawyer says something in favor you -it is ‘hearing’ -short time only- but the judge does not come any decision -case will be prolonged that is 'trial ’ will be continual as fixing date . next date you can again appoint your lawyer for another hearing – for trialing --then a date will fix up for the judgement .

In Canada , criminal panel codes (sections) are below the 1 thousands where in California almost 15 thousands so far my knowledge ! These codes are vary state to state in the USA but the basic procedure is almost same in whole over the world. I am not a charismatic lawyer but try to understand the comparative laws among other countries which other good lawyer may imply more.