"tremble" or "shiver"?

:?: “Pauline was only wearing a thin coat and began ________ in the cold wind”
A. trembling B.agitating C.vibrating D.shivering

Help me to choose the best answer and distinguigh between “tremble” and “shiver”
Thanks in advance for every help.

Shiver is the answer. You shiver from the cold. You tremble with fear or shock.

kitosdad u mean that , whenever we use the shiver word there matter about cold

Alikash, yes that is the explanation. Don’t you find yourself shivering from the cold weather in Winter?

You would also probably cry and tremble if you were to receive some very bad personal news.


thanks for your help, Kitosdad.
And there is also a satisfied explanation in Longman dictionary
you can refer to it, Alikash:)