tree data structure vs data tree structure

I know that “tree data structure” is correct but how about “data tree structure”? Is it also acceptable?

Google results indicate that “tree data structure” is overwhelmingly more common: … moothing=3

In many situations “tree structure” by itself may suffice. One would need to see the overall context.

This is a programming term. Comparisons are “expensive” for computers, taking a lot of CPU cycles. Binary trees are an efficient way to store data which going to be searched.

For instance, if you were trying to find a word in the dictionary, instead of reading every page until you find the word you want, you ask if the word is less than the word “nab”. If it’s more, you’ve eliminated half the dictionary to search. Next, you ask whether the word is less than “tab” and you have cut the chore of searching in half again. You can find an exact match in a 32,767 word dictionary with about 15 or 20 comparisons.If you simply did comparison of words in alphabetical order, it would take about 16,383 comparisons.

When you are designing a program, you will identify what data tree structure are appropriate. Once you are debugging the app, you might find a data corruption bug in the tree data structure.

Thanks, Dozy and Steve, for your helpful replies!