Travelling with a companion

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Topic: Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

With the development of economy and the living standard being raised immensely, more and more people can afford to travel to different places in their vacation, expecting to see more of the world and meanwhile have a relaxation after a period of hard work. And generally, people prefer to travel with a companion, believing it would be more fun. Whereas other people choose to travel alone, maintaining that it offers more freedom and fewer restraints. According to my personality and fondness, I would certainly choose to travel with a companion. Numerous reasons can be cited, and I would in here explain a few most important ones.

First and foremost, traveling with companions can provide for all a good helping and the trip will be safer. Sometime unexpected troubles can happen and when you are alone on the city rather than yours, that will be a serious problem because you don’t know what you have to do. While traveling with your friends can make a big differences and trip will be easier.

Secondly, traveling with a companion is more economical than vacationing alone. As leisure travel has become more and more popular, hotel operators have started to charge increasingly high costs for accommodation. Single occupancy rates are fairly uncommon nowadays, so sharing a room with a friend is good way to cut costs. Not only that, but people traveling in pairs have better access to package deals on tours, entrance fees and other activities.

On the other hand, traveling alone, I can go anywhere I love and stay there as long as I want. I can spend more time learning about things that I really want to know and discover instead of being tired of waiting for others at some boring place. Having a trip alone means that I won’t have any friends who can take care of each other when one of us got sick or get into troubles. It will be a barrier for my trip, won’t it? By the way, I think that could be a very good opportunity to learn how to prepare and take care myself. How do I know that I can do something or not? The only way to know is to do it.

To sum up briefly, I definitely prefer to travel with a companion rather than alone. This is based on the financial benefits of doing so, and because traveling with a partner makes it easy to interact with local people. A companion can bring some help, save time and money; also you can feel human’s spirit in the same time. Your eyes not only see nice landscape of nature, but the beautiful landscape of human beings.

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Hi, I thought your writing was pretty good, but see my comments below about your third body paragraph.

Hi, I thought your writing was pretty good, but see my comments below about your third body paragraph.

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