1. I’m travelling to Italy on Friday.
  2. Do you travel to New York often?
    Why do they say the above sentences wrong?
    Please comment.
  3. We set off/out on a journey to Chennai.
    Is it correct?

Hi Allifathima,

There is nothing wrong with either sentence 1 or sentence 2. However, the verb ‘travel’ is not necessarily the verb that would be chosen most often. There are lots of verbs that are possible, depending on the context and the speaker’s focus.

For example, if the speaker intends to fly to Italy, then ‘fly’ would be a common choice for the verb. Or, if the speaker is less focused on transportation, and more focused on the idea of a visit, then the verb ‘visit’ might well be used in either of the sentences. If someone lives only a few miles outside of New York City, for example, then the verb ‘travel’ would not be a very likely choice in sentence 2.

Sentence 3 is fine. Both ‘off’ and ‘out’ are possible.