Travel with a companion vs Travel alone.

Travel with a companion Vs Travel alone.

People have diverse choice regarding traveling. Some prefer with companions while others are happy traveling alone. I love traveling to new places and exploring world. I have experienced numerous tours, both alone and with companions. I would rate traveling with companion far promising than traveling alone. I would reason some of the merits for my choice.

First of all, traveling with companions is “fun”. It creates bewildering and entertaining environs. Going on hills or deserts with friends is widely prevalent choice during college days. One can play with snowballs on icy hills with friends. Riding on camel with a friend besides you would be warm experience than enjoying it alone. Generally, amusing events happen on a trip. Companions would sing song, play cards, pass some pranks or do some other funny act. This would be very entertaining. For example, During my college days, I had a trip to the countryside with companions on bikes. We had dined under campfire, played with mud and wandered on fields in the noon. Sometimes we used to tease one among the group by passing sour pranks. I can say, we enjoyed a lot because of our company. Traveling alone is devoid of such experiences.

Second, It is “safe” to travel with companions. A vacation trip, could have some unpleasant encounters. You may fell sick due to travel, or may lose your luggage, sometimes finding a decent accommodation can bring all sorts of trouble. With companions, you can cope up with these problems. While traveling alone you have no one to help or support you. For Example, some people do tracking on hills. They are advised to do so in groups. If any one member slips other can stretch his arm for help. In this way it would avoid danger. You may get treatment of snow bite with your companion’s medical aid. On the contrary, mountaineering alone may turn out to be a step towards ending one’s life

Lastly, I see travel as an opportunity to “socialize”. You can have a memorable journey with some companions. Few years back, I found an army personnel on a train while traveling to my college. It was an wonderful experience. In fact, that person has become my good friend. We visit each other’s places occasionally, and write letters to each others. I have learnt a lot of valuables things like discipline, physical fitness and even English grammar from my new friend. Now a beautiful relationship like a friendship is god’s gift on the journey. While traveling alone, in your car or bike you can never met this fortune.

With all the above stated illustrations , namely having fun, safety perspectives and finding new friends, I claim that traveling with companions have numerous merits over traveling alone.

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