Travel versus Travelling

Dear teachers,

In class, I wrote:

a.The job requires a lot of travel.
b. Travel expenses.

But my teacher fixed as follows:

c.The job requires a lot of traveling.
d.Travelling expenses.

Please explain me the difference btw “travel” and “travelling”.

Best regards

And I like travelling after a lot of, but travel expense or travelling expenses both seem fine to me but at the same time I prefer travelling expenses. To tell the truth, I hesitate a bit :smiley:

Hi Quoc

Apparently the British like to say “travelling expenses”.

In American English it would be correct to say “travel expenses”.


Dear teachers,

A job requires a lot of travel is told by Americans?

A job requires a lot of traveling is told by Britishes?

They’re both the same meaning?
Tung Quoc

PS: Can I use “Britishes” for “British people”?Is there “the” in front of “Americans” and " American people"?I say American or the American or Americans or the Americans or American people or the American people?

Hi Quoc

I’ve written my corrections and answers in [color=blue]blue in the quote: