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Teach in China

Are you a native English speaker interested in Teaching English in China? If you are, then Christie can place you in a position with a comfortable salary and numerous benefits. As China continues to open to the West, the need to learn English continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. There are lots of opportunities to teach in China; from beginners to advanced speakers, kindergarten to university age. Teach, study and experience China. Share your language and your enthusiasm while you immerse yourself in Chinese culture and way of life.

Chrisite offers you the opportunity to teach in one of the most exciting countries in the world and experience its culture, history, people and way of life. The list of comprehensive features includes:

Paid teaching positions

Excellent remuneration

Emergency Travel and Medical Insurance

Free benefits including Chinese Language classes, social activities and art & culture classes
Social activities and interaction with native Chinese teachers of Chinese

Paid vacation and public holidays

Modern and fully equipped teaching facilities and classrooms

Experienced and professional international academic and administrative staff in China Universities will provide continuous support and assistance during your stay

Extensive English teaching resources and materials available

Teach in China with and be a part of this rewarding, enjoyable and unforgettable experience!

For more information please contact Christie

Free Guided Tours

Business Classes Available

First-ranked Teaching Staff
After Class Tutoring

DIX International’ is a Canadian company it’s main purpose is to show China to the world, and guide those who have interest in Chinese culture and language. Through DIX international you can go to what ever universities you want to and travel all over China in an economic and comfortable way. As soon as you become our customer, you are our friends forever.
Choose the way you like:
Study in Universities:
Chrisitie, the professional consultant of DIX International, works in a college in Toronto canada has nearly 10 years of experience as working with international students and foreign teachers. She studied in University of Toronto from 2001-2002. She will give you general information about china and help you with setting goals, learning methods, communicative skills, materials recommendations, credits transferring and so on. She is your consultant during your study in China.
Fee: Different universities different prices.
C0-op Travel and study Trip:
DIX International will help you arrange a co-op travel and study trip in China according to your time and your demand. The guide of your group will be a current unversity student from University of Toronto, Waterloo, York and so on and will be fluent both in English and Chinese. He or she will help you settling down everything during your trip, including language study. You will have chance to get know the real life in China, such as, life in remote area, a talk with a peasant etc.
Plan 1:
Two Week Travel & Study in China
Total fee: $ 3,000.00
One week unique study plan
Introduction of Chinese culture, customs and etiquette etc.

  1. Communication Language course
  2. Calligraphy of China
    3.Business language Course
  3. China Kongfu ( martial arts such as shadow-boxing, swordplay, etc. )
    One week wonderful travelling plan
  4. Trip to the site of the film " Hero"
  5. Trip to rural part in western China
  6. Trip to Chinese famous temple
  7. Tip to museum
    Plan 2:
    For Week Travel & Study in China
    Toatl fee: $ 4600.00
    Three weeks language study & day - trip ------
    1.Introduction of Chinese culture, customs and etiquette etc.
  8. Lectures about China ( Histroy, Economy, Pop Songs etc)
  9. Communication Language course
  10. Calligraphy of China
    4.Business language Course
  11. China Kongfu ( martial arts such as shadow-boxing, swordplay, etc. )
    7.Chinese food cooking
  12. Water color painting
  13. Tour to rural part in western China
  14. Tour to Chinese famous temple
  15. Tour to museum
    One week wonderful travelling plan
  16. Tour to the site of the film " Hero"
  17. Trip to Beijing
    Dixiang International