Transportation vehicles for better lives

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Topic: Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives.
. Automobiles
. Bicycles
. Airplanes
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There has been a heated debate concerning the transportation vehicles that changed people’s lives. In fact, there is a growing sentiment that puts more emphasis on the importance of using cars or motorbikes conveniently. At the same time, there is a solid body of opinion that dislikes and says that using bicycles not also makes you stay strong but also help our environment greener. In my opinion, I concur with the latter for two primary reasons.

First and foremost, you can have a deep breath. ​Just as you can train the muscles in your legs, you can train the muscles that expand and contract your lungs. Cycling is a great way for this because there are ample opportunities to include intervals in your workouts, or to practice cresting a hill and then keeping up the hard effort. This type of training can help to expand your lung capacity and teach you to move air more effectively.

Secondly, it does not consume too much space. One of the most common car problems is that it is hard to find a decent parking space in a crowded place. Considering the fact that a bicycle doesn’t consume too much space, it is easier to park your bicycle safely and prevent paying penalties for illegal parking. It also affects the economy because if more people are going to use bikes for transportations, then they will have to build fewer parking spaces and save tons of money.

On the other hand, it is too far to ride. If you live too far from work, consider driving or using public transport part of the way and riding the rest. This is especially useful if you work in a traffic-congested area. Reducing of motor vehicle use will help the environment and becoming a bicycle commuter will create more awareness of other cycle commuters when you drive. Or you can take the train part of the way. Taking your bike along for the ride saves petrol and money.

To sum up briefly, bicycles are not just for bike races or any recreational activities but it is also an excellent way for transportation. Instead of the conventional method for riding jeeps, motors, and vehicles that emit too much smoke to the surroundings, you can consider riding a bicycle.


I think you’ve written a great essay with just a few things here and there that could be polished a bit. I’m convinced that your thoughts, ideas and opinions are way more important than formal essay writing rules.

To comment on your essay, I absolutely agree with you and you might want to take a look at: This is why cars are so inefficient and a waste of resources

Also, micromobility is gaining popularity. Have you heard about it?

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