Transcript: One real where-were-you-when moment that was Michael Jackson’s death

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“For me there was one real where-were-you-when moment that was Michael Jackson’s death. This was such of a drop in the water bin, a slow, sad, strangest of a life. But in his death, some of the … witness saw the strangeness disappear and we would late with the appreciation of the genius Michael Jackson with simple and … fact of his talents. As since then of the everything of my own children fall in love with this musical, millions around the world had done before and millions in the future will again and are growing up with the different sense of Michael Jackson. The Michael Jackson will thrill audiences all around the world and gave the gift to his music to the rest of us. It wasn’t the story that … complication for humanity. Instead the story of the public … or of the headlines to look up in the Pakistan, Afghanistan, what’s happening in Iraq, in China, all of those stories of course have a huge implication, and it’s been fortunate enough to report all a lot of those stories. I didn’t report all Michael Jackson but like so many of the rest of us, we would never forget where we were when he died.”

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TOEIC listening, photographs: Cleaning the floor[YSaerTTEW443543]


I would suggest ‘a slow, sad train wreck of a life…’