tpo49 blue whales migrate long distances by using stars?? integrated writng

The reading passage and lecture presents same information and presents it from different perspectives. The reading passage states that humpback whales migrate long distances navigated by stars and provides three reasons to support this. In Lecture professor counters this point by saying that evidence is not convincing and opposes each of the reason mentioned in article.
To begin, with the reading claims that whales are intelligent enough to use stars to navigate . In lecture professor counters this point by stating that there is no connection between intelligence and navigation. Sometimes birds especially ducks have ability to use stars for navigation. So navigation is not related to overall intelligence.
Second, article avers that humpback whales migrate in straight lines by some external objects and forces. However the argument is rebutted in the lecture by saying that animals sense some external forces like earth magnetic field for their navigation. Whale have a substance called biomagnetite in their brain that sense presence of earths magnetic field. With the presence of this structure they orient themselves in the field.
Third, article pushes forth the idea that humpback whales use spy hopping, raising their heads above water for looking at stars. However, the professor opposes this point by saying that Spy hopping is rare. Some sharks dont migrate but they exhibit spy hopping during daytime. Spy hopping by looking at stars is mere speculation

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Hi Chanda, I thought this was very close to a 4, but not quite.
You have a lot of missing articles, but more importantly, your final paragraph is not quite correct. So overall, I would rate this one a 3.5 out of 5.