TPO 22 - Question 1

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The article chiefly states that ethanol fuel cannot be a proper replacement for gasoline and it bolsters this idea with several reasons. In contrast, the lecturer contends that this mentality is completely debatable, citing three diverse reasons to contradict the points made in the reading passage.

First of all, the text specifies that ethanol, like gasoline, releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and so it would not help to solve global warming. Conversely, it is stated by the speaker that although ethanol release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, while it burns as a fuel, as ethanol is made from plants such as corn and sugar cane, those plants will absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere and this removing would help to solve global warming problem.

Furthermore, it is emphasized in the reading that the production of significant amount of ethanol fuel from plants would decrease the amount of this sources for uses other than fuel. Nevertheless, the professor casts doubt on this point by stating that ethanol is made from Celluloze which is not animal food. Using this not-eaten substance cannot leads any problem for other uses other that fuel.

Finally, the article makes it clear that the real price of ethanol is much more than the current one, because the government may stop helping the produces by tax subsidies. On the contrary, it is mentioned by the speaker that, in future, the price of ethanol will decrease because of increasing in production. If the production number increases three times, the price of ethanol will drop by forty percent and the government can delete its helps without any stress.

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Hi Tesoke, I thought you did an excellent job with this one. You capture the main points as well as most of the secondary ones from the lecture and presented them extremely clearly. You do have a few word choices that could be improved but overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5 - congratulations.

By the way, it is helpful to other learners if you can include a link to the reading and lecture. I found one here:

Thank you so much. Bless you.