TPO 21 - Question 1

Would you please evaluate the following essay. Thanks a lot.

The article chiefly states that Genetic modification can improve trees and help them to survive and also helps farmer to get more fruits and it bolsters this idea with three reason. In contrast, the lecturer contends that this mentality is completely debatable, citing three diverse reasons to contradict the points made in the reading passage.

First of all, the text specifies taht genetically modified trees are more likel to survive in harder situations. Conversely, it is stated by speaker that it is not completely tree, because genetic experts change tree genes to help tree only for one specific problem. Then this uniform genetically modified trees are not harder for other problems and another problem may leads all of those tree to wite out completely, while some of non-uniform trees can survive in each different problem.

Furthermore, it is emphasized in the reading that genetically modified trees help farmer to earn more money, while those trees grow faster, give more fruit and so on. Nevertheless, the professor casts doubt on this point by stating that farmer will be obligated to spend more money to componies to buy new genetically modified seeds. The companies also try to modify seeds for other changes again and farmer have to pay money again and again, so they cannot earn more money via using genetecally modified seeds.

Finally, the article makes it clear that genetically modified tress can prevent overexploitation of wild trees and farmer can use them instead of cutting unique or rare species. On the contrary, it is mentioned by the speaker that genetically modified trees grow faster and aggrasively, they are designed for that, and so may use more resources such as water and soil and this may prevent original tree to grow and leads them to wite out.

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Hi, another good essay. You got most of the points here, but you did have some problems with the second body paragraph. Also you had a few more minor errors in this one. Still, I think it might score a 4 out of 5. Here is the link for the reading and lecture: … 9325k.html

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