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The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide.
Traveling is a way to relax and savor the beauty around the world. And it is time to have fun and follow our own interest. Thus it is unnecessary to be led by a tour guide. In my perspective, traveling alone can be much more flexible and enjoyable.

For one thing, traveling alone provides us more freedom. As is known to all, we are not allowed to arrange our own schedule while traveling with group. All of our destinations must coincide with the tour guide’s. Even if we are permitted to walk around some place of interest by our own, the time is limited. Besides, the food, the restaurant and even the shopping are always booked ahead. It seems like we are completing a task settled in advance rather than enjoying ourselves. However, when traveling alone, the schedule can be far more flexible and not in a rush. We can choose the place we want to go at any time without worrying about missing the bus or annoying the members in the group. What’s more, we do not have to eat the food we do not like or purchase the goods we are not really appreciate. Ruling out all the restrictions, we will fully devote ourselves in the landscapes and picturesque sceneries instead.

On the other hand, traveling alone allows us to learn more. When touring with a guide, what we learn is always determined by the guide himself. Thus we lose the chance to experience the origin custom from the local residents, who have a deeper insight of the habitat and can describe it in a more colorful way. Also, along the trip there will be other groups of agency coming to the same place. Then we can pick up different version of comment on the same sites. It contributes to our global understanding of the relics or other spots if we rely on independent trip.

In sum, the schedule, when traveling with a tour guide, can be always in a rush. Hardly can we taste the extraordinary views, let alone swallow them. If we really want to engage in a sound trip and have an unforgettable memory, it is highly recommended to travel alone and make a plan to your own preference.