Topic79: Should boys and girls attend separate schools?

Topic79: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Boys and girls should attend separate schools.

I do not go along with the statement that boys and girls should not attend mixed-sex schools, and rather I think that both boys and girls ought to study together. For one thing, students should be used to communicate with a person of the opposite sex because it is necessary when they work in the future. In addition, in the case of separate schools, there are less chances for love.

First of all, it is important for students to get to communicate smoothly with the opposite sex in a school from the point of view of future careers. If boys and girls go to separate schools for a long time, because they do not be accustomed to talk with the opposite sex, they may be confused when they work together. For instance, my friend told me that his sister experienced this kind of problem once. His sister attended all-girl shools when she was a junior high school student, a high schools student and a university student. Because she spent the substantial amount of life on schools where there were no male students, she had difficulty in talking to men at first in a company.

Next, students who go to all-boy or all-girl schools have little chances for love. I once heard what this statement means from my uncle. According to him, a school is not a place just for studying. Of course, although studying is important for students, love is also an important element. This is because, my uncle said, students are able to learn knowledge about the opposite sex that they cannot gain from textbook by experiencing love and this is also a part of study. Because it is relatively difficult for students who attend separate schools to contact member of the opposite sex, students had better choose mixed-sex schools.

To sum up, it is better fot boys and girls to go to coeducation schools. From the point of view of careers, becoming friends with the opposite sex is important since they are young. Moreover, from the view point of love, mixed-sex schools are better places than all-boys or all-girls schools because there are simply more chances.

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Hi, Doshima, I think this essay is back to your normal standards. Your examples were quite effective and your writing sounded pretty natural. You did have quite a few small errors though and your vocabulary has some room for improvement. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Thank you very much for corrections.
I have not exactly understood what “had better” means ever. So, in this time, I’m glad that I could learn the difference of nuance of “had better” and “be better off”. Thank you for your advice.