Topic74:Is there nothing young people can teach older people?

Topic74: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? There is nothing young people can teach older people.

Some people may think that older people know almost all things in the life because they have lived longer than young people. However, I do not go along with this opinion and I think that there is still something young people are able to teach older people. For one thing, they can teach how to use digital device that elderly people have difficulty in using. In addition, they are able to know the latest trend that older people cannot catch up.

First of all, young people are familiar with technology more than older people. Some digital devices are difficult for them to understand how to use because they are often complicated. For instanace, my grandfather did not know how to use a computer untill a few years ago. Although he had already bought a computer before I taught the way to make use of the computer, it seemed that it was difficult for him to understand how to use it by himself. Because I happened to know his worry, I could explained about the computer to him. According to him, he now makes use of the Internet every day.

Next, young people are able to teach a current trend among young people to older people. What young people like today and what older people liked when they were young are not same. Therefore, all older people do not always know in what young people now are interested. So, in this sense, there is a chance for young people to tell older people about information only young people know. For instance, I recently told my grandmother about a popular restaurant among young people now. Like this example, young people are able to provide the kind of information with older people.

To sum up, there are a lot of information that older people do not still know in the world. One example is the information about technology, and second example is young people’s current favorite. I think that these topics are also good chances for young people to communicate with older people.

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