Topic64: Have telephone and e-mail made communications less personal?

Topic64: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Telephone and e-mail have made communications between people less personal.

Some people think that telephone and e-mail have converted communications between people to less personal communications. However, I do not go along with this opinion. For one thing, we are able to communicate with other people anytime and somewhere by using telephone and e-mail. In addition, we are able to frequently use these technologies because they are inexpensive.

First of all, telephone and e-mail enable people to get in touch with other people regardless of time and places. For example, I have lived alone for a few years because I moved away in order to enroll at a university. If it was in the past, I would have difficult in talking with my parents. However, because there are various developed technologies such as telephone and e-mail now, I am able to call to them or send e-mail to them. Therefore, I think that telephone and e-mail contribute to make people’s communications more personal today than a few decades ago.

Next, because telephone and e-mail are not expensive, we can make use of them without worrying the cost. For instance, my grandfather sent letters to their relatives and friends in order to get in touch with them. However, today, when I want to communicate with my friends and family, I basically use telephone and e-mail. This is because telephone and e-mail are cheaper than a letter. If I make use of only letter to communicate with other people, I may hesitate to send messages to them because of costs. Thanks to telephone and e-mail, I am able to talk to other people frequently.

To sum up, I think that telephone and e-mail have something to do with more peosonal communications. We are able to communicate with people by using them without being limited by time and place. Moreover, the fact that they are comperative inexpensive largely promote the tendence.

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