Topic56:Should one never judge a person by external appearances?

Topic56: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One should never judge a person by external appearances.

In general, some people tend to decide whether a person is good or not good just by his external appearances. However, I do not go along with the idea. For one thing, we may notice that a person is actually a good person by talking with him regardless of his external appearances. In addition, I think that it is more important to look at his internal aspects.

First of all, we should not make a judgement about a person until we actually communicate with him. In fact, it is not easy to evaluate a person only by his external appearances. This is because external appearances are not always equivalent to a person’s humanity. For instance, when I was a junior high school student, I experienced this kind of a problem. There was a student who always wore old and dirty clothes every day in my school. At first, I thought that he might be not intellectual owing to his appearances. However, when I happen to talked with him one day, I found that he were very good at studying mathematic. Furthermore, he was kind and he helped other students with their assignments of mathematic. This experience taught me that evaluating a person just by external appearances is ridiculous.

Next, looking at a person’s essential aspects is more important than his external appearances. For instance, plenty of politicians are rich. They often wear expensive suits and have a high cost car. However, they do not always solve political issues better. Rather, they have many scandals and even commit crimes from time to time. Therefore, if we judge politicians not by their humanity and their policy only by external appearances, it may means at the same time that we make a big mistake for our country or community.

To sum up, it is not a good way to evaluate a person by external appearances. If we do so, we may lose an opportunity to notice that the person is really a wonderful person. Also, we ought to judge the person by his internal elements such as his humanity.

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