Topic13: Why do people attend college or university?

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Topic13: People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why dou you think people attend college or university?

I think that there are three reasons why people attend college or university; to experience new things, to prepare next career, and to increase various knowledge. Now, I will state the details to support my opinions.

First reason is to experience what they haven’t ever done. Students can challenge various new things at college. For example, having part-time jobs is one of them. They will learn many things, such as hardness and enjoyment of working, through part-time jobs. In addition, many students must first leave their home when they enroll at college. They learn to take care of themselves, for instance, cleaning their rooms, and cooking dinner. Although they may feel very hard until they are used to live on their own, their independence will gradually grow.

Second reason is to prepare next career. Today, in order to take better jobs, whether they like it or not, people have to graduate from college or university. In my country, recruiters seem to put value on whether applicants have graduated from college or not rather than what they have studied. In addition, many companies generally desire their worker to have high skills. So, more and more, people have to learn skills or knowledge and deenpen them at college.

Third reason is to increase knowledge. When people are high school students, they have to study subjects that teachers provide. However, they can decide specialty at college. Therefore, they can find themes that they havn’t known yet and learn new things. Furthermore, because speed of soceity’s change is very fast, people always have to learn new knowledge and skills. Attending lectures and discussing help them catch up.

In conclusion, learning at college or university is significantly important. People can experience new things, prepare next career, and increase knowledge or skills at college. And, this tide may become strong more and more in the future. For these reasons, I think that people attend college or university.

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