Topic titles should be clearly written in the Topic column, not "Please help

If you are EVER going to gain any help from this Forum then you should abide by the rules and clearly state your topic title in the appropriate column.

The Topic column is there for a specific purpose … please use it for that and not for pleading that your work be given immediate attention.

Those of you who submit more than one essay at a time are also wasting your own time and that of the tutor.
There is one person who has sumitted TEN essays, all posted at the same time, presumably prewritten, and without correction, all repeating the same errors.

I appreciate that you are all keen to have your work corrected, but with only one tutor you are submerging the guy with your thoughtless behaviour.

This is primarily why I left this Forum. Impatient pupils and incorrectly written Topic subjects.
Do it right, and you may find your work gets the attention it deserves!


TOEFL listening lectures: How would you describe the results of the Viking biological experiments?

I agree with Kitos that everyone should learn the pattern of posting essays on this form. This action not only saves the students’ time but also makes it easy for the moderators or the mentors to check and correct the essays.