"Too soon"


Not a minute too soon.

Could you rephrase it, making a bit simpler for non-native
and give a couple of examples of (adequate) use of the phrase in a context?

‘Not a minute’… hmm…
But can I say ‘not too soon’ or ‘none too soon?’

Hi Tamara,

An example as requested:

Water had been pouring out of the pipe for at least ten minutes and had almost flooded the kitchen and as the plumber arrived, we all said: Welcome,you’ve arrived not a minute too soon!

This means just at the right time.


Hi Alan,

Thanks for the response.

Just recently Amy has given an explanation for just in the nick of time and the not a minute too soon in your explanation seems to be exactly the same.

But what about none too soon?

Hi Tamara,

All these expressions are in the same field of meaning. None too soon is often added as a comment rather than being part of a sentence. Back to our friend, the plumber. When he arrives, somebody might simply say: And none too soon, rather in the same spirit as better late than never or about time, too.