Tongue twisters, puns, homophones and such kind of sentences

Hello everyone. I have come up with something. I have found that we can learn the words faster if we learn through pun, tongue twisters and such kind of sentences. Example-
Repudiate and repatriate-
As my visa got repudiated I was repatriated to my country.

I want you to share your sentences using such kind of words.

I want natives to participate in this too.

Here’s another one—chide and chafe
chide—to reproach somebody gently.
chafe—become annoyed or annoy somebody

So here’s one sentence guys

If someone chides you, don’t get chafed.

Hey Sriram,

This is an interesting topic though actually I only know some children’s tongue twisters. I hadn’t even heard of “homophones” until reading this topic. I had to look it up. I guess it wasn’t something anyone in my circle of friends ever discussed or thought about. So thank you! I learned something new today!

Take care!

Hello Megan,

Thank you for replying. It need not necessarily be tongue twisters. It can be anything that has some rhymes in it. It just helps me learn two words easily and quickly. If you come up with something please share in this thread. Thanks.

Bye bye.

I did find this list of homophones on a webpage though they aren’t used in sentences. Just thought I would share it with you though. … -list.html

A curious fact: due to differences in pronunciation, some words that are homophones in American English are not homophones in British English.
An example that comes to mind is:

  1. Sorted - sordid

In AmE they are pronounced exactly the same (because of the “flap t” that’s in the word “sorted” that is pronounced as a “d”)

I want some sentences like these. Please post your sentence so that everyone will start to contribute their sentences.

It need not necessarily be homophones. I just need some rhymes in it, that’s all.