The air is filled with tension, and the unmistakeable smell of fear. Tonight many heads will lay on pillows with eyes wide open and minds reeling with doubts and frustrations.
Tomorrow students from all around the globe will sit their TOEFL exam, and their families and friends will share their doubts and fears.
This is the day that they have worked toward for many months, their efforts becoming more frantic yet concentrated with every passing day.
Tomorrow you have to remain cool and concentrated on your goal. Forget all of your fears.
Think only of the task ahead of you. Remember all that you have learned and use it to good effect.
Keep your work simple and understandable. Avoid complexities. Do not stray from what you already know. Keep it simple and interesting.
Our best wishes go with you all. May your God smile on you.


TOEFL listening lectures: Why does the professor mention New York Harbor?

thanks a lot kitos. I really appreciate it.

A kind piece of advice. thankyou