TOEIC listening part III, set 17, exercise 8 … blems.html

please explain:

  1. it came through blurry?
    blurry= unclear?
  2. I’ll have him scan - I will order him to scan something?
  3. Either way, I’ll run it Mr. Ramon’s office = Anyway…?
  4. What problem do the speakers have?
    They have not received an important fax. – CORRECT - why? because:
    We did, but it came through blurry.

Thanks a lot!

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. Whichever way/whatever happens
  4. It’s come out so blurry that it can’t be read, which can be interpreted as them not having received it in a way. The question would be clearer if it said ‘They have not received a legible copy of an important fax’ or ‘They have received an unreadable fax’, but of the options provided, this is the only one that makes sense.

please explain in bold:
1. come through blurry (unclear)?
3. I’ll run it Mr. Ramon’s office

thanks again

1, Yes, blurred. fuzzy. unclear. wirh undefined edges.
3. There’s an error in the transcript -a missing word. Listen to the audio file. (After all, that’s the purpose of these exercises.)

Ok, I have listened to the audio file again, and I think that the missing word is 'to’,right?:
I’ll run it to Mr. Ramon’s office - but Im confused about ‘it’?

I’ll run to Mr. Ramon’s office - I understand, but:
I’ll run it to Mr. Ramon’s office - please explain,


I’ll run (take quickly and smoothly) it (the fax) to Mr Ramon’s office.