TOEFL speaking partner's topic -- Let's speak together!

hi everyone
i am going to take toefl on 27 june 2009.I have to take at least 80 points so i want to speak with foreigners.If someone need speaking partner as me , we can speak each other and practise a lot

we can also create a group of finding partner for practising from here.We can arrange in groups then start speaking on commication programs(Msn,yahoo messenger etc.)

Please join me

TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture by a professor of Paleontology

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Hi, Freshmeat, I’m going to take TOEFL this Friday. So if you are still interesting in a conversation partner, just let me know so that we could exchange our skype’s numbers. That would be really helpful!

hi me too, iwill take tofle in july, my skype is rose.ali.ahmad add me. my email is

helo fresh meat
i am also planning to take toefl in june and looking for a speaking partner in which i need to get if u r interested u can contact me through yahoomessenger .my id is

helo amina

i am also planning to toefl in june so if u r interested v bth can practice.u can contact me through yahoomessenger .my id is


I am going to take toefl in june. I need to practice english. if you want please mail me

:shock: :shock: Hey.I am new here…My exam is on 12th june 09.So i want a study partner specially for speaking section.If anyone interested then mail me. My i.d is


I also want to pass TOEFL and want to improve my speaking comprehension and writing skills, but without practicing the foreign language it is too hard to step forward.

I’m surrounded by s many english-related stuff that even these changes cannot help me to fight against the issue I mentioned above.

I would be more than happy if we all could help each other to pursue our goals. Otherwise we would have not been here. Am I right?

And I apologize in advance for spelling mistakes here I might have done on this thread.

And please correct my language, I would be grateful.

Hi Saule,

I just wondered how was your toefl exam?

Please write me.

Hi Donisha,

Thank you for asking. It wasn’t so bad. I got 82, but I need 89. I failed mostly on the speaking part. First time I took TOEFL 5 years ago and I passed. However, after leaving 6 years in the USA, I couldn’t get 89 ;]. That one was really easy compare with this one. I used Longman preparation book for this TOEFL that, in my opinion, wasn’t an exact face of the exam especially the listening part. On the exam speakers don’t speak in such a slow and easy understandable manner as they speak in Longman cd. So be prepared for that. Also, the reading part appeared more difficult to me than in the book.
I wish you the best on the exam! Have you already set up the date for the TOEFL?

Hi Saule,

if you got 82 at toefl exam, I think your english is realy well.

How did you pass the exam, ibt , cbt ?

Speaking part is very difficult for me too and without practice I suppose it will be hard for me. During the time you’ve been in USA, do you communicate with native speakers or do the other aspects play an essential role to gain desirable skills?

I 'm still working on my English until I feel that I am good enough for TOEFL.

Don’t worry, everything will be allright and you achieve your goal. There is nothing in the world what can’t be done. (very famous quote in Germany ;-))

i gave my exam 2 months back and i got 85 :frowning: . But i need more than 95. So if someone interested in group study then mail me. My id is i m from india and luking for a indian female study partner. Reply me asap.


The first one was pbt [paper based], and the second one was ibt. That’s truth, I didn’t have to deal with the speaking part on my first exam, but even taking in consideration that, my scores on all other parts were higher.
As I understood, you live in Munich. How are you improving your speaking? I used to take some English courses in Lithuania before I moved to the USA. They helped me to improve my English grammar but speaking was still left behind. You asked me if I communicate with native speakers. Well, a little bit. I know it sounds strange :). Most of my friends are Lithuanians and we use Lithuanian language to communicate. Some of them are Russians whom I speak Russian with. At home we use also Lithuanian because I really want my kids to speak this language. They will learn English eventually, so will I. As you said, there is nothing in the world what you can’t be done. I cannot agree with you more :slight_smile:

Hi Saule,

it seems we both are originally from the same country ;-). After researching about the differences on scores , I assume you needed more than you reached for bachelor graduation, right?

Originally I come from Tajikistan. And to be honest I dont communicate with native speakers either. I also have some friends who I communicate with, but they all are from russian - speaking countries. :roll:

I would say we are from the same continent rather than from the country:). Are you now in the USA?
I need a higher score for my pharmacy license.


By the same country , I actually meant the the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

No, I am in Munich now and live here.

What would you advise as TOEFL-Guru ? I’d appreciate it if you could give me some tipps on how to learn English effectively.

I’m improving my German as well, oh, wait I am learnign Greek too . ;-)))))

Wow! English, German, Greek… three languages. I’m impressed. I would like to learn Spanish, but it seems to me that hole of my life will not be enough to learn English :).
By the way, Lithuania has never been in CIS!:slight_smile:

Yes, you are right, but somehow all baltic countries were for us more closer, maybe at the time of UdSSR.

But you speak russian, which means we all are from the same country. And you also communicate with your friends in russian as well.

I knew one girl from Lithuania.

You have kind of interesting point of view about peoples belonging to one or another country. I know some americans who are fluent in Russian language, but they will never tell you that they are from the same country as you are. Russian is just a second language for them, and so does for me. Even though I don’t agree with you completely, I really enjoy having an opportunity to communicate in English with you :).

I also belong to those who you 've mentioned before. I’m communicationg with my friends only in russian because I dont know their native language and they dont know mine.

If I would meet anyone in Germany who speaks Russian, they never would speak to me in German, because they know that we can talk in russian like you do.

And to be able to understand English I always use the russian-english or russian-german dictionary.

I am glad to read that despite some differences in opinion we still writing here and maybe the other follow our conversation.