TOEFL score: 77pts

Hello! I want to ask - Are there any universities which admit students who achieve at least 77 pts on iBT ? I’ve recently found - … ering.html … ional.html … grams.html - 18000 $


TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from an American History class

Hi, if you are interested in Masters in General Management or Business (MIM-programs) or Specialized Management Masters such as the MSc in Finance, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management etc. let me recommedn you my own website - the - I am not sure if it is allowed to post external links here but my website will help you finding the universities and programs you are interested in. I do not offer a filter regarding the iBT unfortunately, but you can do research on schools and programs from different countries and areas, fulltime or parttime, different specializations, and also regarding the length of the program and entry requirements. So, have a look at it. Best wishes, Thomas