Toefl score 106?

I took TOEFL a few weeks ago in order to apply several MA programs.
My score was 106. Because no school that I’m applying sets a minimum score for applications, I have no idea whether the score is good or bad…

Should I retake the test? Your opinion wanted X(

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Congratulations, Kangarookid. That is a very good score!

I would expect your score to be more than enough to satisfy the requirements at basically any university here in the US.

Were all four of your individual scores similar? (If one of your individual scores were less than 20, that might create admission difficulties in some schools or programs.)

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The TOEFL score is the result of your understanding level of the English language. Mainly, the university you’re applying to wants to know that you know enough English to understand your courses and perform well in the university or school.

If you want to get admitted in any of the top schools such as Harvard or Standford you need to have a good TOEFL score.

For the top schools your score should be around 280 or more (if you have taken paper based TOEFL, then it should be 650 or more). To get admission in average category schools, a TOEFL score of abou t 133 (450 on the paper test) is enough.

You bring up an interesting point, Sahid. Your post refers to two older versions of the TOEFL.

The oldest form of the TOEFL is the paper-based test. The highest possible score on that version is 677, and the lowest possible score is 310.

The second oldest form is TOEFL CBT (computer-based test). The highest possible score on that version is 300. For this version of the test, it is theoretically possible for a test-taker to score as low as zero. (This form of the test does not include a score for speaking.)

The most recent form of the test is called TOEFL iBT (Internet-based test). The highest possible total score for TOEFL iBT is 120. For this test, it is also theoretically possible to score as low as zero. This form of the test includes individual scores for listening and reading and also for both writing and speaking. The highest possible score for each of the four individual sections is 30.

Using Kangarookid’s post as a small sample of proficiency, I would assume that Kangarookid took the TOEFL iBT.

Out of curiosity, where did you get your score requirement information for the two older forms of the test?
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