TOEFL sample essay: automobiles, bicycles, airplanes

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Essay Topic 36:
Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives. Automobiles, bicycles, airplanes - Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The world has known many changes nowadays, some are negatif changes, others are positif. Thanks to the many inventions in many fields, the world has become now a small village, you can communicate and talk to your relatives and freinds even if they are far away from you thousand miles, you can even go and visit them and actually see them in few hours just by purshacing a plane ticket.

Airplanes has made our life very easy and enjoyable, people used to think and think again before deciding to travel for long distance trips, it took them days or even months to go to their destination. But now thanks to airplanes, people can travel more comfortably, in a very short time … Planes has made communications and transportations between countries easy. It helped us to go and see other countries, discover other culturs, other different beliefs and ways of thinking…

By choosing airplanes for traveling, we know exactely how much it’s going to cost us and exactely the time we are going to get to our destination. The services they give on the plane are of high quality : fresh food, good entretainment, and very comfortabl seats wich makes us enjoy the trip with no feeling of bordom or exhaustion. In addition to all of the above, unlike Automoibles, or other four wheel vehicles, airplanes don’t pollute the air, and also reduced the number of victims of car accidents.

In my opinion, When it comes to money, concerning long distance trips, I think Airplanes are the cheapest.They have made a huge positif change in our life, they are considered the safest, most comfotable, most enjoyable way of transportation.

I respected the test conditions : 30 minutes and i didn’t correct my essay, thx in advance.

TOEFL listening discussions: Why does the student visit the adviser’s office?

negatif changes–>negative changes
positif-> positive

freinds (line 3)-> friends, thousand miles–> thousands of miles
easy(l.8) -->easily ( I think so); helped (l.8)–>helps, culturs(l.8)->cultures
exactely(l.10) -->exactly
bordom(l.12)–>what does this mean?

thank you TOm, I mix a lot between french and english, because i am preaparing for both of them, bordom : boredom, something boring … thx again