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Hello, I’m new to the the whole TOEFL thing so I have no idea about the scores in comparison to your level of English, but I have heard from many others that a good score is 120 and most people who are fluent in english get 120. I recently got my results, and I have to say I’m quite disappointed to get 118. Two points deducted from the speaking section. I was sure I didn’t do too well in the reading section but it seems it turned out fine. On the other hand I thought I did well in the speaking section, but apparently I got ‘Fair’ for the first section (speaking from personal experience or w/e it is) and I got good marks for the other two so its the first section in speaking that dropped my marks, contrary to my expectations. I would have thought the later parts of the speaking would be more harshly marked.

Do you guys think 118 is a good enough score to show on my report for uni applications? I’m thinking of retaking the test but the fees are too expensive. I’m in a state of despair because of my shocking marks…

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I don’t think there is any University that cannot take a student with such a score.

To me, you did very well.

Is it 118 out of 120? Then it’s a great score! No doubt in it… Congrats…

There is no need of retaking and as Nzuahp said, any univ is ready to accept this score…

It seems to me you are joking. It’s an excellent result! I would like to get 110, but I don’t dare think about 118. I heard even native speakers hardly cope with it. So, apply whereever you want. My congratulations!

P.S. If it’s not difficult for you, please describe your method and list the material that you have used …

good luck

Well, I did buy the official TOEFL ibt guide (not sure if this is the correct name;it is the thick white book with some red and maybe blue on it) but i found out that it only helped in terms of letting you know the structure of the test. I’m sure that you can find out the format of the test just by researching on the internet. In my opinion, and this is strictly my opinion so don’t take any regard of it, just learning English, the subject itself, is the best way of getting a good mark in TOEFL. So, in another words, studying for TOEFL itself is not a good way of studying but learning English in general is better. Unless you are in no position to learn English in an English-speaking community. The vocabulary in the test i found to be quite basic and in your Yr10-Yr11 English course at school. But, everyone studies in their own pace and own way, and I wouldn’t discourage you from studying for the test itself exclusively. Good luck if you are taking the test and thanks for your encouraging words! (I found out that my results are actually pretty good).

Guys I need your advice. I just got my TOEFL score:
Reading 26
Listening 29
Speaking 24
Writing 25
Total 104

I know it may seem good, but the school I’m applying to requests 110. Is it really hard to go up by 6 points at this level? What strategies do you recommend to improve my speaking/writting sections?

Dear Lchuerta,

You can improve your writing and speaking here. There are special sections for essays and voice messages. Besides, you can retell different textes aloud and record them, then listen to determine what’s your problem is.

good luck