Toefl Rescoring


I recently gave the TOEFL exam and scored R26, L21, S29, and W16.

My writing score is very less and wanted to know whether I should apply for re-scoring. Please suggest.

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I suggest you start exploring new avenues instead of wasting your time on analogue structures like the TOEFL.

There are two possible ways to re-score your TOEFL. You can appeal or re-score your TOEFL (“appeal” means to formally ask for a request, usually against a previous decision).

According to the TOEFL iBT official page, you can request a re-score up to 30 days after your test date. So you should apply for the re-score pretty quickly after you receive your scores, as 30 days isn’t a lot of time.

Also, remember that your test cannot be re-scored if you have already asked to send your TOEFL scores to a specific school or institution.

I personally think it’s a good idea if you were certain that your test was poorly scored. But how often are we certain about a test? A better way to look at it is that now you know what parts of the test to focus on, and where you can really improve.

How to improve?

There are many ways improve on your Speaking and Writing sections on the TOEFL. Be sure to read and study all of TOEFL Speaking strategy and practice material.
Considering writing part - practice, practice, practice. Try to write as more as you can, read blogs and articles with suggestion how to pass TOEFL exam.

What ever you do to prepare for the TOEFL, Good luck, and keep it simple.

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