TOEFL or IELTS? Which one you recommend me.

Hi everybody,

Based on the following information, which test is more suitable for me?

-I would like to apply for a bachelor in commerce at McGill university, they accept both tests.
-I need to score at least 90/120 for the TOEFL and 6.5 for the IELTS to be accepted.
-I lived in Canada for over 10 years.
-I’m more used to the American accent rather the British one.
-I’m weak in the speaking part.
-I still have 35 days left to prepare myself.

Thank you


TOEFL listening lectures: Why do the Lascaux cave paintings probably not qualify as graffiti?

Hi Elias and welcome to the forum

Honestly I don’t know about the IELTS, but I have taken the TOEFL, and here is what I think about the TOEFL:

  • The reading depends on your ability to focus while reading to be able to get a good score, you will need to read a lot in similar topics to improve your speed in reading and to be familiar with the vocabulary used in the passages.

  • The listening is not very complicated. the important thing is taking notes, as you live in Canada I think you will not face a problem in understanding, by taking notes while listening you can raise your score significantly. On this forum there is a lot of sample questions, you can use them to prepare for the test.

  • The Speaking section is all about practice. Every question has a certain strategy in answering it to get a high score. In all questions you have to speak clearly and coherently to the topic. You can find sample questions and answers on this link : … A8AAC4DB99

  • The writing is considered by many as the easiest section in the test. To improve your writing skills you have to write as much as you can, and Kitosdad, our great man, would evaluate your essays.
    For writing question number 1 this video explains how exactly you should answer it:

I think that 90 is not that hard for you, but you need to prepare very well for the test. Time management and concentration are the most important factors to get a high score.

I wish that helps

Best wishes

Thank you for your answer IKY. Anyone else can give his/her input on this topic?

Thank you