TOEFL Minimum 80


I took my TOEFL test on the 10th of April. I was really nervous and i probably screw up most of the questions in the speaking section.

Is it hard to get a score of 80, because that is the minimum what i need for the school in which i want to study ?

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Hi friend,

Feel relax since if you speak something logical and simple you will get at least 1-2 what means 15/30, it is not so bad for saying anything, is it?

I wish you the best,

hi Dani,
Think in TOEFl it is more important not the way u speak but how u understand the question and express the main idea. it is not so difficult to get 80. it is important for u to get 20 for each section coz most of the schools and university requirements contain this rule no less than 20 for each section. anyway don’t worry, because u will never know how they will evaluate ur answers.
good luck