TOEFL: Living in a big city or in a small town?

Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you like to live?

There is a proverb saying that “stable settlement leads to prosperous career”, which means no matter how people want to be successful in the career, they must have their own accommodation initially. Thereby, the area where your house is located is very important. Some choose to live in a big city, while others prefer a small town. In my perspective, I prefer the first solution. Why? Let examine several reasons below.

First, only living in a big city can provide us with modern and adequate academic environment. While education is the key for the success of future career, it should be equipped with the best infrastructure as well as academic quality. For example, studying in a big city, students are benefited from various facilities such as modern laboratory, worldwide internet and huge libraries with numerous books and documents. In contrast, small towns are usually poor or undeveloped. Therefore, people who settle there is frequently lack of those wonderful facilities, which cannot assure them a satisfactory and proper education.

Second, there are more career chances in big city rather than a small town. In big city, the salaries, living conditions are always better than those in a small town. So people’s demand for entertaining services as well as employments is also higher, which is a huge opportunity for any company want to increase its profit. As a result, large number of corporations and firms have been establishing in diversified fields of every aspects of the society. For example, in Vietnam, large company such as HP, Prudential or even banks, airports, etc are located in big city, creating a lot of career chances for anybody. While in small town, majority of people are farmer, which is not a well-paid job or they tend to transfer to big city looking for occupations.

Last but not least, even though small towns have the beautiful nature as well as peaceful environment, which can release our stress effectively, its advantages cannot outweigh those of the big city. Within a big city, you are also among many convenient and useful services like hospital, shopping mall, bar and so on; thus, your life demand can be fulfilled adequately. While settling in a little province, people’s needs are not always in good conditions, especially in health problems. Take my uncle as an example, he was severest affected by influenza last month. When he entered a local hospital, those doctors there are incapable of curing this sickness, and our family had to transfer him to a modern hospital in big city. As a result, he was treated efficiently.

In conclusion, a big city is actually an ideal place for every person. It provides us with a lot of essential advantages such as adequately educational environment, career chance and good living conditions. Therefore, I believe a city is better for my future and daily life rather than a small town.

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