TOEFL integrated essay

i wrote this essay and i will take the test after 12 days so please can you score this integrated essay question in a TOEFL test?

The reading and the lecture discuss the topic of genetically modified foods. the professor casts doubt on several key beliefs about the advantages of GM foods as they are presented in the reading passage.
the article states that the advantages of the GM foods are uncountable. despite the short time of use, it improve the nutritional content. Moreover the researchers starting to extract a vaccines which may interfere with a fatal diseases in the future. The writer says that the GM will help the environment by decrease the needs of hazardous materials which produce greenhouse gases. On the other hand the speaker refutes this point by saying that the GM causes an environmental problem by wind which send the gene to another plant and this gene is impossible to eradicate and then increasing the mortality rate of the butterfly.
In addition to that, the writer provides that there is no big risk in a population health even though the GM foods is not fully tested. this appear to be contradiction to the information stated in the speaking, which asserts that GM foods shows an unexpected allergic reactions among the population especially with people allergic to peanut butter. The passage states that the GM foods will improve the lives of an expected doubling of population in 21st century , while the professor thinks the economy spend a lot of money to develop the crops.

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Hi, your writing is not too bad. Your essay is clear for the most part, but there are some grammar mistakes and some unclear sentences involving the lecture. Also, make sure to always capitalize the first word of every sentence. In this section the main goal is to include in your essay everything that the lecturer says. You seemed to have focused more on the written passage in your essay, but I think you have missed some of the points that the lecturer made. If you could include a link to the listening passage it would be easier for me to judge your essay. Make sure to focus mainly on the lecture, because that is what they are grading you on. Overall, I think this would rate a 3 out of 5.

Thank you so much for your advice i will try again and post it to you…