Toefl-independent task of writing- Nowadays, many movies or films are based on books. Some people prefer to read the original book before they watch the movie, other prefer to watch the movie before reading the book. Which one do you prefer?

Watching movies and reading books are two enjoyable things that every person can do. Some people as you have seen around, love to read books and there are a lot of books that they had read but, some of them like to watch movies and want to see pictures and scenes toward their eyes. Some others enjoy doing this two stuff. I, as an individual, prefer to watch the movie at first and then read the origin book. In what follows, I will illustrate my point of view due to some reasons and examples.

The most important thing for me to prefer watching movies at first is that I am a busy engineer and do not have enough time to follow a heavy book page by page. Maybe you have a question about my time and say that watching movies allocate more time than reading the book instead! But, I have a specific characteristic, being very fast at doing work. When I start to read a book, I persist to finish it as soon as possible. This feature makes me be hasten and allocate a lot of time to finish the book during a day as an example. So, reading the book is more time taker than watching films.

Secondly, when I read a book I imagine the scenario in my mind and because of this feature, I think so much that makes me got a headache. However, by watching the movie instead, it does not need to think because of seeing acts toward your eyes and it would be better understood. For example, in the Game Of Thrones series, the origin book of each chapter came with the new season in coincide. I prefer to watch the series at first because the beautiful acting of actors and actresses makes me more connected to the concept of the film. If I read the book at first, I do not connect to the scenario very well.

But it cannot be neglected that some people prefer to read the book before watching the related movie. I have a brother who is fallen in love with books. He prefers to read books instead of watching the movie. When you ask him about a movie and a related book package, he says that you know nothing dear about the satisfaction of reading books. He also says that there are some details in books that the director does not show in the movie, maybe he/she cannot or does not want to do it.

To sum up, I, as an individual, prefer to watch a movie at first because of not having enough time to read the book carefully and go deeply through the ocean of the book which makes me so involved and has a headache as a result. But some people say that a lot of details in the book are not shown in the related movie.


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Oh! Hi. I’m so sorry for my mistake. I am very worried about my TOEFL exam and also hurt emotionally because of losing one of my close friends in the flight crash in Iran about a week ago! :pensive: so I’m so so sorry about that.

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