Toefl independent essay: Some people say that computers have made life easier and more convenient. Other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful. What is your opinion?

Computers have become an integral part of our everyday life. Some people belive, that computers have made life more complex. In my view, computers have greatly simplified our life and made it more convenient. This is due to that they work faster, more impeccable and let us create virtual reality.

To start with, computer machines are able to not only accomplish tasks quicker, but do them simultaneously. That is to say, computer works far more effective than human. Machines relieve us from solving serious computational tasks. Furthermore, they simplified our daily routine. I have a compelling example of this. When i was six, there were no computers in my village. One day i had to go to a dentist, since I had a severe tooth pain. I scheduled an appointment. But when it was my turn actually, I didn’t turn out on the list of doctor. It appeared soon, that the registry’s personnel, making notes by hand, mixed up the queue. Many people lost their time. I left my village long time ago, and now I live in a big city. When I need a doctor, I can just make an appointment via the internet in five minutes, and know for sure, that I am on the lists. Had it not been for computers, I would have had wasted plenty of my time.

Second, computers help us to simulate reality in a compact model. This is crucial in dozens of various areas. Virtual reality makes it possible to predict, construct and create. Machines made life a lot simpler for people of any scientific field. For instance, computer models are extremely important for meteorologists that let us know the weather tomorrow. My father has worked in this field for twenty years. He told me that when in USSR, they didn’t use computers, but made all the calculations by hand. According to him, their predictions were hardly relevant as it was difficult for them to take all factors into consideration. But few years ago they began to work using computers. As he said, machines allowed meteorologists to take everything into account (generate map models), and as a result, make truer predictions.

To conclude, computers have made our life simplier and far more comfortable. They made it possible to use time efficiently and made things easier to predict and create.


Hi Алис, I enjoyed your essay. I think you did a pretty good job with this topic.
Your first paragraph seemed to directly address the prompt, but the second was a little too far off topic I think. It is true that computers are good at working with models, but I think you have to make the connection between that and an easy life a little more clear. At least your example did talk about improving weather forecasts, which I suppose does make life easier, but I think you have to make the connection a little more clear. I did like your examples though, they really explained your reasons well, its just that I am not so sure about your second reason. Most of your writing was easy to understand, but you did have a few odd or awkward sentences. Here are some suggestions:


Hi, Luschen! Thank you for your feedback! You help me so much :blush:
How about: they [computers] work faster and with fewer errors?

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Yes, that is fine. There really are no direct synonyms for computers that I can think of.